Dr. Turner Global Medical Advisor

Dr. Turner's Global Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industry Experience

After 28 years in the Global Medical Device, Pharmaceutical industry, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery industry, I have decided to alter direction. Now,  I share my passion by helping others within the Global Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industry. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your team. Dr. Turner can provide the guidance you need to navigate the expectation of EU Notified Bodies expectations for the submission of  the following documents which are required for MDR compliance to include:


Literature Search Term algorithms (You will need 3-4 search term algorithms patterns for Notified Body compliance

Literature search Protocol document

Literature Review Protocol Document

Literature Review Plan Document 

Literature Review Report Document

PMS Plan Document

PMS Report Document

PMCF Plan Document

PMCF Report Document

PMCF Study Plan Document

PMCF Study Report Document (This now critical as the notified body will not renew a certificate unless you show the methodology for a clinical study for MDR compliance)


SSCP Report

UDAMED document data

MDR  compliance required expertise to navigate the complexity of the requirements  for technical document submission. Dr. Turner has worked with both EU Notified Bodies as a clinician Clinical Evaluation Specialist and can provide the expertise you need in navigating the new MDR complexity. Give me a call at (540) 316-8030 or write to me at neuroma7@msn.com.

"With each thought we approach the concept of reality, reality is the product of thinking" . Dr. Turner 1987

Why Us?

Global Medical Affairs Advising for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Companies are key and my expertise over 28 year can assist you to archive your goals and outcomes. That’s why when it comes to consultant selection, we’re prime.. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.  

Explore the key pearls for success in navigating the complexity of the exceptions of technical file document submission to EU notified Bodies with the expertise provide by Dr. Turner.

Dr. Turner can provide novel pathways for navigating the expectation of medical device technical file submission by advising novel pathways from the insight he has by taking a look into the future now to guide you down the pathway to successful technical file document submission to EU notified bodies and pharmaceutical companies.  Contact me at (540) 316-8030 or neuroma7@msn.com